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Resident Family Testimonials

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In November, 2019 my wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at the ripe age of 67.  She actually was exhibiting signs, which I missed, as early as 2016.    When I finally accepted the diagnosis, I began to consider how best to ensure she had the care she needed. I began to search assisted living facilities in and around the greater Baton Rouge area.  After visiting several, both in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas without finding one that impressed me, one of our sons suggested I look at LaCour House in New Roads.  Quite by coincidence, both of my mother’s parents are from New Roads and as it happened a cousin of mine was a resident there. 

I scheduled an appointment and I was instantly impressed with the openness of the facility and feeling of community there among residents.  As we went into the Memory Care Unit, I saw an activity person with some of the residents doing simple crafts and activities in a very engaging manner, I was impressed even though my wife was not yet at that stage of decline as what I saw at other facilities was nothing close to how engaged the residents were.

The owner, Gerard LaCour, actually gave me the tour and what I thought remarkable was as we went around the entire facility, he knew all of the resident’s names, asked about various family members and was obviously very in touch with the residents on a personal basis.  I put a deposit on a room for my wife that same day.  I anguished for several days about my decision, but was concerned for her safety as she was now not sleeping regularly and I am a sound sleeper – would she leave the house and I would wake up with her gone? Frightening.

When the day came to move her into the facility, I was worried but the staff there was very attentive to her and worked to help keep her calm.  That caring continued until her final days and by not just the aides in memory care, other aides, house cleaning, maintenance and the cooks would all ask about her if she was not with me. The staff helped to get her engaged in activities which she loved, exercise classes, entertainment (she loved to dance), crafts, giving violin concerts, mass and holiday celebrations.  We did have some challenges along the way, which with a caring approach, we were able to work through those challenges.  During her final days, many staff and families of other residents would ask about her and offer their prayers, I still moves me.  

I will tell you that if I am still in Louisiana when the time comes that I could benefit from an assisted living facility, I guarantee you will find me at one of the LaCour House facilities.  I still go back to visit from time to time and have cooked a big pot of Jambalaya for them after my wife’s passing.  I do consider them a second family as that is how they treated my wife.  By the way, I did not mention, but one downside is that the food is very good and I put on some weight as a result, which I am now having to work to get rid of……

Rick Lewis

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